All praise is due to Allah ﷻ who is independant of His creation and does not have any needs. All praise is due to Allah ﷻ who alone is the Doer, the Creator, the Owner, the One who guides and the one to whom all praise belongs.

Allah ﷻ, has in His infinite mercy allowed the Maktab Association to start two years ago and has Himself by means of the Maktab progressed the ta’leem of Deen in Adelaide and surrounds. With Allah’s ﷻ grace alone classes for the memorisation of Qur’aan have started and Allah ﷻ alone is the One who is preserving His Qur’aan.

All praise is also due to Allah ﷻ that in His mercy allows us to get a reward for the service of His deen even though He does not need us.

Respected community members, there is an opportunity for you to gain in the tremendous reward of furthering the Ta’leem (teaching) of Qur’aan and Islam in Adelaide. Allah ﷻ is independant of us but yet allows us to spend our wealth in His path so that He ﷻ may multiply our deeds and reward us greatly in Aakhirat, provided we do so for His sake.

In support of the Maktab we first ask that you take out time to make du’aa for the guidance of mankind, for the forgiveness of all Muslims and for the progress of the Maktab and the ta’leemi activities that are being conducted in Adelaide and South Australia.

It comes in the Hadeeth that the Prophet of Allah ﷺ said to the nearest meaning that even if a date is given in Sadaqah for the sake of Allah then it is more valuable than a mountain of gold given for name and fame. If you wish to also financially support the Maktab’s ta’leemi activities and thereby gain the rewards of Aakhira then we welcome you to do so and earn the pleasure of Allah even if it be with a small amount.

The Maktab Association is dedicated to the advancement of Islamic education in South Australia. Our focus is on the establishment of Maktabs and Madaaris for the learning of Quran, Islamic studies, Memorisation of Qur’aan and learning of the more advanced Islamic Sciences such as Hadeeth, Tafseer etc.

Your pious contribution no matter how small will be a continuous reward for you (Sadaqah Jaariya) as through your contribution, Allah ﷻ will grant taufeeq for children to learn deen, practice deen and also pass it on to others, and from the hadeeth of the Prophet ﷺ we learn that you will therefore also receive a share in all their reward without their’s diminishing in any way.

Our shuyookh (pious elders) say that when you spend wealth in the path of Allah ﷻ you have not given anything away, you have only transferred it from your account in this world to your account in the Aakhira (the hereafter) where it will be multiplied many times and be waiting for you when you arrive in Aakhira. Nabi ﷺ also said to this meaning that Sadaqah does not decrease your wealth but rather it increases your wealth.

So whatever you spend is replaced and multiplied in this world as well.

You can send zakaat, sadaqah or lillah donations directly to the association bank account listed below or contact us to make a cash donation.

Bank: Westpac  Name: Maktab Association of South Australia  BSB: 035202  Account no.: 152678

Please mention zakaat in the reference if it is zakaat funds you are donating

You can also download a form to fill out and send back to us if you want to make a monthly contribution to the Maktab association, click here to download the form: Quick Pay Direct Debit Request

May Allah ﷻ accept what you have given and may Allah ﷻ give you barakah (blessings) in what you have kept behind, and may Allah ﷻ make what you have given a purification for you and a means of gaining nearness to Him ﷻ. Aameen.