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Port Pirie Masjid Renovations

With the grace of Allah ﷻ we purchased an old Masons Hall in Port Pirie in May 2018. Subsequently we prepared council application for changing the use to a Masjid, which was approved in September for development as a Masjid. We are now ready to start the renovations required to complete the project and turn this property into a Masjid officially, for this we need your assistance which is actually a great opportunity for you to build your home in Jannah.

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Help us equip our Hybrid Maktab Classrooms

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  • June 1, 2019

Alhamdulillah, with the generosity of our donors, whom Allah ﷻ blessed with the ability and guidance to contribute to this project, we have reached our goal, you can still contribute more funds to this project which will go towards future expenses for this same project as we roll out this system to other areas or you can assist us by donating to one of our other projects such as the Port Pirie Masjid Renovation project or our ongoing yearly running expenses for our Quran classes in South Australia. May Allah reward those that have contributed to make this project a […]

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